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The company for the development needs, is now facing social recruiting Casting Engineer 2-3, has welcomed the intention to contact with our company human resources.

Job description:

One, job responsibilities:

1, to complete the process, tooling and new product development. The trial, verification andimprovement work.

2, according to customer requirements and the preparation process of each processtechnical documents, including process card, operation points and work instructions, guide the completion of standard operation.

3, according to the operation process of the existing products, technology innovation from the aspects of cost, quality and efficiency.

4, responsible for on-site technical support, guidance and quality analysis of production personnel, to assist the technical department to solve quality issues.

5, with quality control and production departments, examination, supervise productionpersonnel to operate in accordance with the relevant standards, specifications, productiontechnology.

Two, job requirements:

1, we should master the basic knowledge of metallurgical casting.

2, familiar with the smelting, casting, molding process.

3, familiar with the machinery manufacturing, heat treatment process of the professionalstandards and rules.

Three, qualification:

1, machinery manufacturing, metal materials professional, college degree or above.

2, with more than eight years of work experience in casting

Four, work location: Changzhou dongan town

Five, contact phone: 8618626058366, contact: Mr. Wang

2 .Sales asistant. TS support

Workplace, India,USA,Korea,Russian,Brazil,Honduras.


Contact email:nancy@lrcroll.com