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mill roll china buying experience

For those just getting started roll entry of foreign trade experience:
First, we need to understand what is the roll . Rolls how sales
Getting the knowledge we need to understand the preferred roll
A steel mill rolls are parts belonging consumables, mainly divided into hot-rolled bar, rebar , steel and plate.
So consumption and traffic roll is kind of how ?
Theoretically speaking .
Produce one ton of steel , wire rod rolls consumption value ( ex-factory price , non-terminal price ) normally between 3 dollars -6 RMB yuan .
Produce one ton of steel , steel wire roll consumption value ( ex-factory price , non-terminal price ) -10 normal between 6 dollars RMB yuan .
Produce one ton of steel , strip steel wire roll consumption value ( ex-factory price , non-terminal price ) normally between 10 -15 dollars RMB yuan .
Cage from the production system in terms of difficulty speaking, strip rolls > steel rolls > rebar
In other words . Like nearly 10 million tons annual output of steel mills , such as medium-sized domestic Dragons he rolls a year for consumption . Foreign steel is similar in the 30 million -$ 100 . Potential market is large. but the process may be different in different roll wear .
Then roll the domestic production capacity of the plant is how segments
Domestic large steel mills such as rolls of Chang an annual 150,000 tons or more. Such a relatively large factories, generally has a staff to more than 500 people.
Normal medium-sized plant with an annual output of about 10,000 tons roll -5 tons
Small factory with an annual output of about 20 million in general -7 million.
So Story made rules which countries exporting can be done ? Which countries can not do ? Which countries consume energy sheer waste of time then ?
Start with the customer perspective
Roll imports U.S. national is the highest reason is very simple, steel production in the USA than China less, but labor wages is indeed over China six times ( previously 10 times , and now we Chinese have development and progress , and the pride of it) for this high capacity steel companies also , but in the United States to open a roller plant cost is quite high . relatively speaking, from cheaper Chinese imports roll , so the United States has to do as the largest importer . Although this years, RMB appreciation caused a great impact on a lot of fierce competition , but it is undeniable that the U.S. market is the largest in terms of the relative price of space .
Asian countries ( Small ) : It is true that due to the geographical location and other factors, a maximum of Inquiry Asian countries from China , after all relatively recent, and most Asian countries is small, relatively speaking roll production capacity is lower and customers in many Asian countries . very happy to personally go to China to investigate the factories and procurement , but the Asian customers low prices . quite low. many customers can accept the price only slightly higher than the ex-factory price of some of this to the domestic trading company to a very small space operation. internal processes and factories in Asia than American companies , so many inquiries are blind do kung fu , lack of customer degree of sincerity . expect the price is too low. trading company in terms of belonging to the blind do kung fu , factory stores , it can barely accepted a low probability of a large single transaction . were too small list
For pheasant type roll trading company , many prices are dismal because procurement roll more customers for your trust , understanding of technology solutions for rolling , rather than blindly pursue price of a ton of ductile .7500 cast iron roll , selling , do you dare to buy ?