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User manual for LRC mill roll

Roll manual
1 roll during handling to prevent any damage .
2 rolls should be stored in dry and ventilated room to prevent moisture, the surface should be oiled .
3 rolls before use, should wipe the surface oil , dirt and rust, then routine testing , in particular, should be carefully examined the surface of the roll neck roll barrel and whether there are scratches , dents , rust , cracks and other defects , does not allow to have roll surface defects on the machine.
4 rolls should be established and put into use before the roll quality cards, records of roll number , size , and related test results, and the original records archiving.

5 Install the roll should be very careful to prevent scratches or bumps roller surface .
6 should be carefully examined before rolling rolling billet quality, in strict accordance with the rolling process rolling operation to prevent overload rolling .
7 deplaning clammy heat roller can not be stacked on the ground, and should avoid the collision between the rolls .
8 Establish grinding roll changing system configurations reasonable roll changing cycle , together with the corresponding non-destructive testing methods ( eddy current , magnetic particle , ultrasonic , etc. ) , supplemented by hardness testing to determine a reasonable amount of grinding and grinding processes.
9 When the work roll grinding , grinding the smallest amount of time should be able to ensure that the fatigue level clear , this layer depth is generally 0.15-0.30mm. Supporting rollers work for some time , it should completely remove the surface layer of hair and fatigue layer ( the layer depth is generally 2-5mm), to prevent peeling. Roll grinding , you should also pay attention to poor matching roll diameter to meet the design requirements.
10 installed with the new roll ( including the new grinding roll , the roll period of inactivity ) , the rolling speed is large , the strip width , pressure is large, the rolls should be preheated .
11 After grinding machine rolls should be noted on the rust prohibited ground shelved.
12 rolls shall be recorded after each grinding grinding capacity , this rolled steel , specifications, rolling volume , grinding reason ( such as normal roll change , and change specifications roll change , scratches , flaking , sticky steel, cracks, etc. ) . Other: should be based on the rolled material , the use of pass , reduction , rolling speed , a reasonable selection Barrel hardness , roughness considerable convexity and roll machine use. Using the principle of roll : new ( high hardness ) for broadband roll , strip finishing ; Old ( low hardness ) rollers for narrow , thick belt blooming . Roll must implement the principle of using the extension , to avoid misuse of rabbit mix , not fine for rough use . Roll neck should have good lubrication and cooling to prevent overheating damage the surface . Check the mechanical parts , to prevent accidents caused by equipment roll abnormal early failure. Rolling rolls should be sufficient cooling and lubrication of the roll to prevent local overheating , resulting in decrease in hardness , crack. Rolling to cleanse , to prevent deviation, rolled or stacked into the foreign body, to prevent corrosion of metal embedded in the product . Regular maintenance , inspection and monitoring, to avoid with the " disease" equipment operation , long-term extended service . Note shock, ensure the roll in a good working condition .

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