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LRC Mill roll for Angle iron 2014.6.8


We have got an order from a cutomer. to Be working on good product

We have support them a lot,

Customer are an facotory who are rolling angle iron(L-bar)

Some buyer do not understand mill roll very exactly because they do working mill rolls.

Today I want to talk about my customer how is doing mill roll for L-bar

For example, the customer desgin their mill roll as this

1      370*750    K2          
2      380*750    K2        
3      390*750    K2      
4      410*750    K3          
5      415*750    K3        
6      430*750    K3        
7     505*750   K4          
8     540*750   K4        
9     550*750   K4          

Pls be carefully, this is different because the biggers rolls is for fininshing roll, it is different as Wire rod

For this rolling, the rolls need to be SC cast,,For finishing rolls, Static Casting cast is expensive than Centrifugal Casting.

So some agents do not understand carefully, they provide CC rolls, it must have some problem when using.

For the hardness, K2-K3 need to do as 58-63,we help customer point this. K4 need to be 60-65 HSD

then we provide rolls, it could be the best price and best quality.

if you have any problem any using or buying rolls, Please feel free to contract Dr.Leon

Email:leon@lrcroll.com  website:www.lrcroll.com