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How to buy good mill rolls, 2014.6.15

Some buyers have this question.

How can I buy the right rolls? How can I buy the best rolls at the best price?

Today,LRC will teach you how to buy righ rolls.

Firt, when you only sending a map to to a sales, Then the sales give you a quotation about the rolls.

please first believe he is a bad sales. You won't buy good rolls from him, and he will make a lot of money from your buiness.

Why we say this.

Because if you need good rolls, we need a lot of info about your rolling mill.

Noramlly we will give our cutomer a sheet to know their info, so that we can help them desgin

we need to know

Steel varieties
Steel specifications
steel mill brand
Mill number distribution (particularly important)
any problem faced before
normal temperature
the frequency of fixing rolls
Single groove steel before
The annual output of steel rolling

if you have any question,please feel free to contract us, our team will give you a right suggestion